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THE GUTTER RAKE is another invention due to necessity. I had to find a way to get to all of the gutters at home. They plugged up three or four times a year and with heavy rains the water overflowed creating too much water around the foundation of the house. This caused some water leakage into the basement and garage.

With so many large shrubs around the house, I could not get to all sections of the gutters. I was frustrated until I came up with the perfect solution … enter “THE GUTTER RAKE.” I could now access 17 feet of gutter at one time and cut this nasty job in half.

I went through many designs, each one being better than the last, before I found the best one which would clean, pass over and under the support braces inside the gutter, and give me the reach I needed. NO LONGER do I need to keep moving the ladder a few feet at a time and dangerously lean away from or over the ladder to get that last bit of debris.

THE GUTTER RAKE head is slightly tilted in an up position from the handle to make it easier to get to the debris and under the support braces. The head of the rake is angled back 30 degrees to give it a scooping effect. I also found that a rake length of 5.5 feet worked the most effectively. It weighs only one pound, so it is light and easily controlled.

The pole is 1/2" fiberglass with a steel rake head, making it durable enough for a lifetime of use.

No Assembly Required!!

THE GUTTER RAKE not only solved my gutter cleaning problems, but it also saved me precious weekend hours. It has proven effective in dragging sticks and other debris on the roof down within a safe reach. And, you can scratch your wife’s back from your easy chair, too!!!